Logistics Support

An essential part of construction project management is logistical preparation. Which is choosing the most capable and reliable partners to provide resources and materials.

TRG will work with your leadership team to develop and maintain a timeline of project stages planned well in advance, with a full inventory of resources, materials and tools  required at each stage of the project. Being able to effectively manage the flow of resources and materials from to the project site allows for a number of advantages:

• Significant savings and reduction of waste.
• On site logistical planning means that all materials are stored appropriately and are easy to locate.
• A clean site is a safe site – good logistical planning avoids any clutter and is better organised, with improved  health and safety performance.

It should be clear that effective logistical planning can make the difference between a project being completed early and under budget. Having an effective system in place to manage every component of the site is essential to cut costs while maintaining productivity.

We offer:

• Fleet Management
• Journey Management
• Driver Safety
• DOT compliance